Brighton Palace Pier

 What is Brighton Palace Pier?

Brighton Palace Pier is a beautiful Victorian pleasure pier. It opened in 1899. It is 525 meters long. Over 4 million people visit this pier every year. It is a very famous landmark in England.

Where exactly is it?

It is in the middle of Brighton beach, close to the city centre. If you walk to the sea from the train station, you will see it when you get to the beach.

What can I do there?

You can enjoy the fantastic sea air. You can try fish and chips and other traditional seaside food. If you are brave, you can go on the frightening amusement rides! You can play games in the amusement arcades. You can relax with a cup of tea. You can see Brighton from the sea!

Is it expensive?

It is free to go on the pier but take some money for the rides, food and amusements.

We recommend it

If you visit this fantastic city as a tourist or to study English, go for a walk along the beach. When you get to Brighton Pier, explore it! It will be a memorable experience!

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