How do I find a job in Brighton?

This information is part of a guide to support Brighton’s international community. It is about how to find a job in Brighton. We hope it is helpful.

A high level of English will help you find a job in Brighton

So you have arrived in Brighton and you need to look for a job. There are lots of jobs in Brighton but it can take a bit of time to find employment. If your level of English is high, you have an advantage in the job market. This will increase the probability of getting a good job in Brighton. If your level of English is low, your job opportunities in Brighton will be reduced. You might consider improving your English level with English courses.

A good place to start your job search is with your CV. You can copy and paste it onto online job applications. Also, you can print it and send it to Employers or walk around Brighton handing them to employers you would be interested in working for.

Write a CV (curriculum vitae)

Do you know what sort of work you are looking for? You might want to write a CV particularly focussing on your ability to do that sort of work. Are you are thinking of applying for different jobs that are not related? If so, you might need to make different CVs for each type of job in Brighton you apply for.

You can just make your own CV using Microsoft Word. You can also use a CV template. There are lots of free CV templates online.

For example

You will also need to create one or more cover letters depending on the variety of jobs you intend to apply for.

General advice for a CV

A blog about writing CVs and cover letters can be found here.

In general, a CV should:

Be relevant to the job you are applying for

Be clear and easy to read

Have a logical structure and order of information

Not have any unexplained periods of time

Be short – 2 A4 pages is about right. More than 2 pages is probably too long

Be carefully proof read for any mistakes with spelling etc

Include your phone number, email address and your location

Give reference contact details or say “References available on request”

Have a (proof read) cover letter attached


Advice for a cover letter

A cover letter should:

Be short

Be polite

Be relevant

Be personal – talking about how you feel about the specific job opportunity

Be confident but not arrogant

If possible, mention the job title and the company name

Include today’s date and your name and contact details at the top

Looking for job vacancies

There are various websites that advertise job vacancies in the Brighton area. You must put the type or title of job you are looking for in the search box. These websites give you details of jobs available in Brighton. They include:

Be suspicious of jobs that say “Work from home” or “Earn between £50 and £1000 per week” etc, especially if you have to pay money for a starter pack. This could be a scam.


Your CV, cover letter or job application has caught the attention of a potential employer. This is good news! Now you must to show them that they need you on their team.

If you are being interviewed then your potential employer is hoping you will impress them. They are busy and are looking for the right candidate. They want to find the right candidate as soon as possible. They hope you will be the right candidate. Remember this!

If you are given the choice between talking on the phone or visiting them in person, choose to go in person. It is easier face to face, especially if you are speaking in English. Telephone conversations in English can be surprisingly difficult if you are not really good at English language.

I am an employer and I have given a lot of interviews over the last 15 years. My interview advice is: Smile, be friendly, be positive and LISTEN! A good employer knows that attitude is the most important aspect of an employee. They are usually looking for an employee with a helpful and positive attitude. Someone who can be part of a team. They need someone who wants to work hard and learn. They need someone who listens carefully. This is often a lot more important than experience or qualifications. There is not much an employer can do with an employee with a difficult attitude. Of course, experience, qualifications and a good attitude is the best of all!

 Good luck everyone! It’s tough out there, but you can find a great job in Brighton!


NB          If you want to improve your English skills, try to find a job where everyone has to speak English. Avoid jobs where your boss and your colleagues are all from your country.

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