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Learning English in Brighton is only a part of your language experience! Brighton is an exciting and vibrant city with so many fun attractions – shops, bars, cafés and tourist sights.

If you’re thinking about visiting Brighton next year, here at Castle School of English, we have selected some great videos and tours to help you learn about our city. Now you can start exploring Brighton from the comfort of your own home!

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1. Brighton is the coolest place to learn English – in the world!

Really, it is unique. For a small city, it is full of life, laughter and above all….style!

Brighton Palace Pier

 What is Brighton Palace Pier?

Brighton Palace Pier is a beautiful Victorian pleasure pier. It opened in 1899. It is 525 meters long. Over 4 million people visit this pier every year. It is a very famous landmark in England.

Where exactly is it?

It is in the middle of Brighton beach, close to the city centre. If you walk to the sea from the train station, you will see it when you get to the beach.

What can I do there?

You can enjoy the fantastic sea air. You can try fish and chips and other traditional seaside food. If you are brave, you can go on the frightening amusement rides! You can play games in the amusement arcades. You can relax with a cup of tea. You can see Brighton from the sea!

Is it expensive?

It is free to go on the pier but take some money for the rides, food and amusements.

The Seven Sisters Country Park

Visit The Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters Country Park is a beautiful place to visit. It is in the South Downs National Park. It has wonderful views of the sea and is an adventure into the English countryside. A lot of people visit Seven Sisters each year. They enjoy the river valley, the grassland and the huge chalk cliffs. The air is fresh and the atmosphere is very relaxing.

The Seven Sisters are very high chalk cliffs. This part of England’s coast is very natural.

How to travel to there

Seven Sisters Country Park is near a very small place called Exceat, near Seaford in East Sussex. It is easy to travel there by bus. Buses from Brighton to Eastbourne or Seaford will stop at Seven Sisters. Ask the bus driver to be certain. There are also two car parks, but you will need to pay for a ticket.

If you study English in Brighton, make sure you visit The Royal Pavilion.

Study English in Brighton and visit the Royal Pavilion

If you choose to study English in Brighton, you will get plenty of opportunities to explore the city and its places of interest and tourist attractions.

Brighton, on the south coast of England, has many tourist attractions. There is the beautiful beach with its impressive sea views and fresh sea air, there is the Brighton Pier with it‘s fun and entertainments, but probably the most interesting attraction is Brighton Pavilion, also known as The Royal Pavilion.

The History

Prince George the Prince Regent (future king George IV) built the Pavilion at the end of the 1700s. This is because his doctor told him he should get some fresh sea air for his health.

The weather in Brighton and the UK

Have you noticed that English people often talk about the weather? Have you ever wondered why?

Always changing

It is because the English weather changes constantly. It can change from windy rain to hot summer sun in five minutes. Honestly, I’m not joking! Anyone who has been to England will tell you this is true. The weather has a huge impact on life in England. We plan our days around the weather, and change those plans as the weather changes. It is always relevant to us, and we really appreciate nice weather. This is why we talk about the weather. It makes a difference to us.

Study English in Brighton

International students study English in the progressive city of Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove has grown over the years and in the 21st Century is very popular. Around 275000 people live in Brighton, and with 2 universities the population is comparatively young and progressive. A large number of international students study English in Brighton and Hove. Castle School of English would like to point out that 69% of Brighton’s voters voted to remain in the European Union in the 2016 referendum.