The teaching philosophy at Castle School

Students learn English faster when they are motivated. This has always been the fundamental principle behind Castle School’s teaching philosophy. We believe that enhancing each student’s motivation is the key to a successful and enjoyable learning experience.

Students are motivated by a wide range of factors, and there are many different types of motivation. For example, most students are motivated to learn English because it will improve their employment prospects, and many people also want to learn English so that they can communicate and socialise more easily when they travel. These are examples of why students book an English course in the first place, but what about motivation in the classroom, during a lesson?

The learning cycle at Castle School

How exactly does Castle School help you with your English learning?

Together we identify the right English course for you at Castle School and establish your language requirements.

  • We will establish your level of English and show you how to progress
  • We will correct, secure and develop what you have already learnt
  • We will advance your overall level
  • We will make your passive knowledge active
  • We will build your confidence in your English use
During your Course

1. We will establish your level of English and show you how to progress