The teaching philosophy at Castle School

Students learn English faster when they are motivated. This has always been the fundamental principle behind Castle School’s teaching philosophy. We believe that enhancing each student’s motivation is the key to a successful and enjoyable learning experience.

Students are motivated by a wide range of factors, and there are many different types of motivation. For example, most students are motivated to learn English because it will improve their employment prospects, and many people also want to learn English so that they can communicate and socialise more easily when they travel. These are examples of why students book an English course in the first place, but what about motivation in the classroom, during a lesson?

There are many factors which influence how motivated a student may be at any moment during a lesson. If the student has a genuine interest in either the topic of the lesson or the language point that is being taught or practised, they will be more motivated than if they are bored by the topic or language point. This is why teachers at Castle School use interesting materials, and have a genuine interest in the language, which stimulates the students’ interest and motivates them.

If students like their teacher and the other students in their class and feel comfortable with them, they will be more motivated to learn and will have more confidence to ask the teacher or other students questions about what they are learning, and be more prepared to practise and activate their English by speaking in the class. If the atmosphere is fun, supportive and enjoyable, students will be more engaged and motivated in the English lesson. This is good because students learn English faster and have an enjoyable experience. This is why our teachers work hard to make sure the group of students has a good atmosphere and everybody feels relaxed, comfortable and interested.

Another important factor in enhancing student motivation is by working hard to create lessons which are different in topic and structure each day. A wide variety of recognised teaching methods and approaches are used at Castle School.

We also understand that students will be destracted if they are troubled by circumstances in their life outside of the classroom. These kinds of problems can be very distracting for students and have a negative effect on their concentration. We encourage learners to talk to our student services team about any problems relating to accommodation, employment or any personal problems which are making them unhappy. Obviously, some problems in life cannot be solved but we will always do our best to help.

Our philosophy, which is based on the fundamental principle that students learn better when they are motivated, is key to helping people succeed, and has far reaching effects on the approach of our teaching. We believe that Castle School has excellent standards as a result of this important philosophy.

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