Top 5 tips for lockdown learning

The whole world has stopped, and your favourite English School in Brighton may be closed – but that doesn’t mean you have to stop learning English!

Keep learning English and practising your skills with our top 5 tips:


1) Read, read, read!

Go online and find English language newspapers or articles. If you have a good English level, buy an English language e-book. New books are always fun, and will help keep your brain active as well as learning new language.

What’s your favourite book? Try it in English! Reading something familiar in another language is a very good way of improving your grammar and vocabulary.


2) Watch TV or listen to the radio

Watch BBC news or other English language television programmes. Try an English podcast or audiobook.

This is a great way to keep learning. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand everything, having lots of English coming into your brain will help you remember what you already learnt, and help you learn new things.


3) Use online learning resources

There are lots of great online resources to help you feel like you are in an English school, even when you are at home!

BBC 6 minute English has some very interesting topics, and apps such as memrise and quizlet are great for testing your vocabulary and learning new words.

Use this amazing resource website to practise pronunciation, listening and grammar.


4) Have English meetups with your friends online

Find other English school students in your area, or connect with your old classmates online with applications like Hangout, or zoom. Have a chat in English and talk about your life.

Organise your own “English Language night” online so you can all get together and practice.

It helps keep you connected, and is fantastic practice


5) Try online lessons

Many English schools, including Castle School of English, are now offering online lessons. Teachers are live streaming their classes directly to your device, so you can enjoy all the same great lessons and friendly faces, from the comfort and safety of your own home. 

If you need some help keeping up with your English, or want to talk about online lessons, please contact us. We are always happy to hear from you!


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