Private English Lessons at Castle School Brighton UK

Private English lessons

Add some private English lessons to your course. Your teacher will focus on your learning needs 100%. You will get individual attention to your requirements. Your lessons will respond specifically to your personal English language development, Individual time with a teacher can bring amazing progress fast!

These lessons are flexible to fit around your schedule.

Castle School of English Cambridge exam preparation courses will help you achieve real results

Take Private English Lessons to:

  • Focus on specific areas of English
  • Receive the advantages of individual teacher attention
  • Maximise your progress during your course
Available All year
Lesson length 60 minutes
Length Minimum 1 week
Level Beginner to Advanced
Starts Every Monday
Intensity Minimum 1 lesson per week



You can choose your own goals and your teacher will help you reach them. This course will be specifically designed for you. Your goals can change during your course. You might realise you want to develop your language in a different direction. In private English lessons you can be in control of your direction. Or if you prefer, you can let your teacher assess your needs and guide you.


It is a huge advantage to receive 100% of your teacher’s attention. They will pay very close attention to you. They will focus on your goals. You will get support and guidance specific to your personal learning needs.

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Add it to your course

Get the best of both worlds. Interaction with classmates is very good for your English development. In addition, the personal focus of private lessons will help you develop faster! You can bring any difficulties you might be having in your regular class to your private English lessons. You can work with your teacher to overcome your challenges.


The relationship you have with your teacher is an important part of your learning experience. In private English lessons your teacher will understand your English learning more personally. It is easier to learn if you feel comfortable and supported. When you have a closer connection to your teacher, it is easier to relax and make faster progress.

Receive the advantages of individual teacher attention at Castle School Brighton UK

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