IELTS Exam Preparation Course
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Our IELTS Exam Preparation Course

As the IELTS qualification has grown to be the most widely used English examination, so has the popularity of our IELTS preparation course. We focus on providing excellent support and specifically focused reading, speaking and writing skills training for the IELTS exam with the Castle School team.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is useful. It gives you the opportunity to prove you have the necessary skills and knowledge of English to succeed on an academic course at degree level. 

We have first-hand experience of how IELTS can help English speakers of all levels gain access to education and employment opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have. We also find that most British, Australian, Canadian and South African Universities, and some American universities, require an IELTS qualification. While, IELTS is also required for Immigration to Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

The IELTS qualification can arm you with the ability to flourish in the wider world, competing with others on an international stage.

With an IELTS qualification you can:

  • Study a foundation course at an English-speaking university or college.
  • Improve opportunities for employment with an international certificate
  • Succeed in securing a career that requires a good grasp of the English Language.
  • Have an advantage over other candidates in future job applications.
  • Those with an official ESL English Qualification are more likely to receive a higher salary.

Therefore, our IELTS preparation courses focus on powerful exam strategies and exam practice for intermediate to advanced students. It looks at the specific areas of English (IELTS Reading, Speaking and Writing) and skills required to give you the best possible chance of success.

Our IELTS exam preparation course information

At Castle School we offer IELTS exam preparation classes Monday to Friday 9.15am until 12.30pm. If you studied with us full time, you would be studying 15 hours IELTS exam preparation per week. We recommend 12 weeks of full time study for a good B2 student to achieve an IELTS score of 6.5.

Available All year
Lesson length 45 minutes
Lessons per week 20
Minimum level Intermediate
Starts Every Monday
Minimum age  16
Class Size  Average: 5 Maximum: 10
IELTS Test Format

The four parts of the IELTS test take a total of 2 hours 45 minutes to complete.

  • Listening: 40 questions in 30 mins
  • Writing: 2 pieces of writing in 60 mins
  • Reading: 3 sections of 40 questions in 60 mins
  • Speaking: 11–14 mins

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Preparing for your IELTS Exam

IELTS experts

Our exam preparation teachers know what is required to get a great score in IELTS. Their good understanding of the IELTS requirements will help your results. Of course, your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills should also improve significantly.

Maximise your potential

We want your exam result to show your true potential. We will work on your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. Your English will also improve from being activated by communication with your classmates and people you meet in Brighton. However, if do you need extra help we offer additional private lessons.

Exam technique

Learning about exam technique is an important part of your preparation. Your results will be significantly improved by knowing the types of questions to expect. Knowing the types of answers the IELTS examiners want to see is very helpful. You will look at IELTS exam practice papers. This will develop the specific skills, knowledge and experience needed for your success.

Supporting you

Your teacher will carefully watch your progress. They will identify your strengths and weaknesses. They will give you guidance to maximise your chances of success. We understand the importance of giving you encouragement, confidence and motivation. This is at the heart of our approach in all our English courses.

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