General English

General English

Improve your General English

Our General English Courses are designed to improve your overall ability in English language. These courses are structured to help you with speaking, listening, reading and writing English. Our teachers work hard to build your confidence and help you gain from the benefits from having English as a second language.


Your confidence will grow as we activate your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Your vocabulary and understanding of the English language will increase. We will help and support you in your English learning adventure.


While you may go on to prepare for Cambridge or IELTS qualification, for those who don’t wish to take an exam, our General English courses offer the same high standard of teaching. You can choose a course that lasts two weeks or book another that lasts three months; all offer a certificate of learning. The grades awarded are in accordance with the International Framework of European Languages and are widely recognised by prospective employers around the world.

Improve your General English and become more fluent and accurate with our most popular course.


General English

(20 lessons per week / 15 hours)


Semi-Intensive English

(28 lessons per week / 21 hours)  or (32 lessons per week / 24 hours)


Intensive English

(40 lessons per week / 30 hours)


Do you want to know the amazing price of our courses? Get a quote for the course you need.


With a range of options to study with others, we try to be as flexible as possible. Our students can even extend the length of the course whilst studying.

Building each learner’s vocabulary, grammatical knowledge, fluency and confidence is of paramount focus to us.

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