We will help you achieve your goals

Our methods

At Castle School, we know that every aspect of our student’s English-learning adventure is important.

Our approach to teaching is based in learning through communication, combined with a curriculum designed to meet the needs and expectations of students, which is based on many years of experience and research from around the world.

Every lesson will lead to an important learning outcome. Your friendly and professional teachers will use topics that are designed to stimulate conversation and debate with your classmates.

These conversations provide you with valuable speaking and listening practice, and also allow you to learn about the different cultures of your classmates!

You will take part in class discussions and also work is small groups and individually. You will discover new vocabulary, increase your knowledge of grammar and use of English, and develop your skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Your level of English will improve.

Reach your Goals

Our mission at Castle School is 'Helping students achieve their goals in the international community'. Your journey with us will empower your communication, and bring you closer to better opportunities and life experiences.

Curriculum Design

Castle School’s curriculum is designed to meet the needs and expectations of students and is based on many years of experience and research from around the world.

The Academic Managers work hard to ensure the consistent and high quality delivery of our courses. They are usually at the school providing support and monitoring, and can be available if students want to speak to them.

Ongoing assessment and support

At the beginning of their learning journey, students take the accurate Castle school placement test. During the course their progress is continually assessed, monitored and supported and they are given regular progress tests. Each student studying for 4 weeks or more will receive an individual and private tutorial with their teacher. Castle School tutorials are a powerful opportunity for students and teachers to reflect on the progress of the student and to make sure that their educational needs are being met in the classroom. Tutorials are also a chance for students to express any feelings they may have about their lessons and the school.

At Castle School, we believe in giving our students the knowledge and skills they need in order to thrive both academically and professionally, and to closely support them through this process.

Quality of Teaching

At Castle School, our teachers are continually monitored and supported to ensure the quality of their teaching meets our high standards. Teachers are assessed by observation, and monitored using regular student feedback. We run professional development courses through the year, and many of our teachers attend training events in London and Brighton.


Our teachers are very supportive. They understand that all students are different and have different needs. They are interested in your happiness in the classroom and also your experience in Brighton generally. They will be happy to talk to you about any concerns you have, and will help you whenever possible.

Learning Environment

We know that happy, comfortable and relaxed students learn faster! This is why we are very careful to provide a safe, friendly and supportive environment, with kindness and respect, so that our students can enjoy practising their English with confidence.


Student satisfaction is the reason we are here. We believe in exceeding the expectations of students. We collect and monitor student feedback continually using ( link questionnaires) and our (link Tutorials) every month throughout the year. If we get feedback that is less than perfect, we will take immediate action to correct the situation.

Different Nationalities

To encourage you to speak English as much as possible (and not your own language) we are careful with the mix of nationalities we have in our classes. We try not to have too many students in a class from any one country. On your course you can be sure of meeting people from around the world.

Friendly Atmosphere

We believe you will learn more if you feel interested and relaxed. We use teaching methods that create a friendly and supportive atmosphere. You will feel comfortable with your classmates and teacher, and will feel confident using your English and speaking with people.

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