Since 2003 we have helped thousands of people on their journey to success. We are passionate about teaching and our English teachers are professional.

We want to exceed the expectations of our students. We have genuine attitudes of support and respect for language learners. We think you are amazing!

We are personal, friendly and helpful. We understand that every leaner is an individual with their own specific needs. Because of our relatively small size, we have time to support every student.

Who We Are

Meet the people who make your Castle School experience possible.

Our Office Team

Our team of administrators and receptionists are here to welcome you. We want you to feel safe and comfortable. We will help you by answering any questions you might have about the school. We can give you information about the learning programme, social activities and the city of Brighton.

We understand that people sometimes need support in a different country. In this situation, we do our best to help. Our friendly and professional team of office staff is interested in how you are feeling. We are here for you.

Our Teachers

Our English teachers will be at the heart of your learning experience. We choose excellent English teachers in Brighton to work with us, and our support helps them achieve high standards. They will guide you to fast improvements and fluency.

Social Activity Leaders

Our Social Activity Leaders look after you on our social activities. They will guide you and your new friends in your adventures. Many of them are English teachers too. 

Our Accommodation Team

We understand accommodation is a very important part of your language adventure. We have dedicated, friendly and helpful accommodation staff. We carefully choose and check the accommodation to ensure that you will be comfortable, safe and happy during your stay. Our accommodation staff can be contacted at any time while you are with us.

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