The weather in Brighton and the UK

Have you noticed that English people often talk about the weather? Have you ever wondered why?

Always changing

It is because the English weather changes constantly. It can change from windy rain to hot summer sun in five minutes. Honestly, I’m not joking! Anyone who has been to England will tell you this is true. The weather has a huge impact on life in England. We plan our days around the weather, and change those plans as the weather changes. It is always relevant to us, and we really appreciate nice weather. This is why we talk about the weather. It makes a difference to us.

Visit England

Does this mean that you should not visit England because of the weather? No! There is something beautiful about the weather here. The air is fresh and it rarely gets too hot. There are always indoor activities if it is raining (we were expecting it). When it is sunny the light is beautiful and the temperature is very comfortable. Sometimes, when we are lucky, we have very long dry summers with no rain at all for weeks and weeks. In fact, it can feel a bit too hot sometimes!

Clothes for England

Prepare yourself and you can enjoy England irrespective of what the weather is doing. Whether it is summer or winter, you need a waterproof coat. In winter you need a big winter coat. In summer a light waterproof coat with a hood that can be easily folded up and carried with you would be ideal. Especially if the sky looks a bit dark in places. A lot of people use umbrellas. Umbrellas are great if there is not wind, but Brighton can get quite windy sometimes, and umbrellas blow inside-out and fall apart so a good coat is better.

Study English in Brighton

If you want to avoid the rain, the best areas of the UK are the southern areas because they have a lower average rainfall. Brighton is on the south coast. It has much less rain and much more sun than most areas of the UK. Therefore, if you want to learn English in England, and stay as dry as possible, Brighton is a sensible choice. It is a seaside resort and holiday destination for people who enjoy good weather.


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