Is socialising and practising English important?

Is socialising and practising English important?

Yes, in fact socialising and practising English is necessary! Learning a language is not the same as learning something more factual like for example, history. When you learn history, you add information to your knowledge. To be very good at history, you simply need to know a lot about history.

So what is the difference between history and English (or any language)? To be good at a language, you have to know a lot about it and use it well! If you want to be good at English, you need to learn how to use it. Learning English is a develpmental process. What is the best way to learn how to use it? Practise! Practise! Practise!

It is also important to understand that using and practising English will help you remember your knowledge too.

The best way to practise English

And what is the best way to practise your English? It might be helpful to think about this as 2 ways. In your English lessons and outside of your English lessons. Practising your English in an English lesson in a language school is very helpful.

This is because your teacher will give you communication exercises. These are carefully designed to activate the area of English (language point) that is the intended learning outcome of the lesson. This will help you to use your new English and will also help you remember it. Very importantly, the teacher will be able to listen and check that you are using it correctly. They can help you if/when you make mistakes. Making mistakes is actually an important part of learning and English lessons are the perfect place to make mistakes because you will have the support of your teacher and classmates to help you.

Practise English outside your English lessons

If you study English in Brighton, you will spend a lot of time outside of English lessons. This is a fantastic opportunity to practise your English. There are social events in Brighton UK that are created for the purpose of enabling people from Brighton’s international community to practise their English. These happen in a safe, supportive and friendly atmosphere. These can be a really fun way to use your English and improve, and of course it is a great way to make new friends and meet people from all over the world.

Social activities and excursions

Most English Language schools in Brighton have a social events calendar throughout the year. If you are studying at a school I recommend getting involved in the social events. There is usually a native speaker or activity leader to look after everyone. You can go on adventures to exciting places in the UK or do activities such as sport or the theatre. These activities give you a fantastic opportunity to have fun and improve your English.

Explore independently

Of course, you can also get involved in British culture more independently. Using public transport and shopping are good for your English. If your visit to the UK is more long term, consider finding a job, a voluntary job if necessary. This would give you an extremely authentic exposure to English. This kind of immersion into the daily life of people in the UK would help you learn English faster.

Accommodation with a Homestay Provider

Another way of using your English outside of your English lessons is by living with English speakers. This type of accommodation is usually called a Homestay, and there is lots of Homestay accommodation in Brighton. You will share some meals each day, and talk in a more relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. A language school in Brighton, for example Castle School of English, can arrange Homestay accommodation in advance if you would like to try it.


And so, to conclude, if you want to learn English fast, and you are in Brighton UK, then you should definitely practise your English as much as possible. Be sociable and involve yourself with activities and situations that will require you to use your English. Don’t worry about making mistakes, because mistakes are a necessary part of learning any language. Go for it, have fun and good luck!


Images: social events in Brighton

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