Missing food from home?

Many students crave the food of their home country when they are in the UK and at Castle School we can help you find some great places in Brighton to make your stay a bit more palatable!

One of the best reasons to choose to come to Brighton is how wonderfully multi-cultural our town is with literally hundreds of places to eat in almost every cuisine imaginable. Many of our students and international staff have found a few places in Brighton that provide the perfect taste of home.

V.I.P. is the best place for our Italian students to find the perfect pasta dishes (and I agree, the food here is fantastic!). A few of our Spanish students have recommended Tinto Taperia for their amazing chorizo dishes. One of our lovely students says that his favourite meal during his stay so far was at Almoosh Arabic restaurant for great halal food. There’s so much choice for international students in Brighton when it comes to dining out, your biggest problem will be which place to choose!

For those on a budget or would like to cook a nice meal to thank for your hosts then look no further than some of Brighton’s international supermarkets such as Taj, Fortune Supermarket or Mr Patisson’s International Market and more. You’ll be sure to find whatever you need to create your own taste of home.

We encourage travelling students to come to the UK with an open mind about British cuisine but it is always nice to know if you need a little home comfort, Brighton can provide!


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