Learning English outside of the classroom

Our teachers are often asked by students for tips on how to learn English outside the classroom to help speed up their learning and practise their new skills in a natural environment.

So our very experienced and talented Director of Studies, Christian Tiplady, has put together a few helpful hints to help you hone your new skills and immerse yourself into learning English wherever you go.

Christian recommends:
Use apps such as memrise and quizlet to test your vocabulary and learn new words every day.

Develop your pronunciation by listening to audiobooks and repeat aloud whilst recording yourself- you can use your phone for this exercise.

Listen to language learning podcasts such as BBC 6 minute English or discussions on the radio to improve your listening skills.

Try to read as much as you can in English! If you are a student of Castle School you can borrow from our book selection or use the Jubilee Library. Read often and read out loud to practise reading and speaking for accuracy.

Combination learning – use this amazing resource website www.learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/apps to practise pronunciation, listening and grammar.

At Castle School we believe immersive learning is the best way for students to learn as much as possible, as quickly as possible and our teachers are dedicated to helping you achieve your learning goals.
If you would like to book a course with us, simply click the link below and start your learning adventure today

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