How we are keeping you CoVID-safe at Castle School of English, Brighton

At Castle School of English, we consider the health & safety of our staff, students and host families to be our overriding priority. During the ongoing crisis, we intend to do everything reasonably within our power to protect staff, students and host families from infection and mitigate the risk to them and their families.

The situation is constantly changing, so we recommend you contact us directly with any questions or concerns you have. 

All of our measures are based on advice from the government and from EnglishUK, and are constantly being reviewed and updated as and when new information becomes available.

As information and advice is continually evolving, we will do our utmost to keep up-to-date on the latest guidance and to adapt our operations accordingly.


Actions taken

Following the relevant guidance and advice, we have already taken the following actions:

  • Attended online training with EnglishUK on COVID safety management
  • Completed a comprehensive risk assessment for staff, students and host families in the building, including procedures on how to handle future outbreaks, locally or nationally.
  • Drawn up guidelines for staff on how to operate safely and to protect students and host families
  • Had our safety measures approved by VisitBritain and been rated as “Good to Go”.


Changes to how the school operates:

Following relevant advice and guidance, and issues outlined in our risk assessment, we have made the following changes to how the school operates:

  • Reducing class sizes from 15 down to 12
  • Providing PPE to all staff and teachers
  • Providing sanitizer stations in key locations
  • Reducing the number of staff in the office, and teachers using the same spaces, with home working in place wherever possible
  • Allowing only one student at a time to enter the school office
  • Wherever possible, limiting all face-to-face contact between staff, students and host families and moving communication online, by telephone, or by appointment only
  • Creating classes as “social bubbles” to minimize contact between different groups
  • Staggering class start and finish times to reduce contact between lessons
  • Monitoring all entrances, exits and hallways to minimize contact in enclosed areas


We have also created the following documents to help students and host families. Please note that the situation is constantly changing, so you should always check with the UK government and the NHS for the most up-to-date guidance:

Advice for students

Advice for host families

Advice for students arriving to the UK

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