Why do we love Brighton?

Castle School has fantastic students who study English in Brighton. We asked them why they love Brighton. These are some of their answers.

Why do you love Brighton?

Fiorella Carbone

Different people decide every day to come to UK for the language, but it's hard to find a good place where everyone can feel at home. Brighton is this kind of place.

Situated in the south of England, it's very close to London and efficiently linked with many attractive places. Being directly on the sea, Brighton offers spectacular views of the coast with its seafront and from its hills.


If you study English in Brighton, make sure you visit The Royal Pavilion.

Study English in Brighton and visit the Royal Pavilion

If you choose to study English in Brighton, you will get plenty of opportunities to explore the city and its places of interest and tourist attractions.

Brighton, on the south coast of England, has many tourist attractions. There is the beautiful beach with its impressive sea views and fresh sea air, there is the Brighton Pier with it‘s fun and entertainments, but probably the most interesting attraction is Brighton Pavilion, also known as The Royal Pavilion.

The History

Prince George the Prince Regent (future king George IV) built the Pavilion at the end of the 1700s. This is because his doctor told him he should get some fresh sea air for his health.

How to find the best language school in the UK

Excellent English schools

There are a lot of excellent English language schools in the UK. It is fantastic to have choices in life. However, this can also be quite confusing. So the question is: How do you choose choose the best English language school for you to study English at?

There are some very large organisations that own chains of language schools around the world. In most cases, they provide a good standard of teaching and other services such as accommodation and social activities.

However, there is one problem, they are often very expensive. If you have a lot of money and do not have much time to research other schools, then perhaps these schools would be ideal for you.

The weather in Brighton and the UK

Have you noticed that English people often talk about the weather? Have you ever wondered why?

Always changing

It is because the English weather changes constantly. It can change from windy rain to hot summer sun in five minutes. Honestly, I’m not joking! Anyone who has been to England will tell you this is true. The weather has a huge impact on life in England. We plan our days around the weather, and change those plans as the weather changes. It is always relevant to us, and we really appreciate nice weather. This is why we talk about the weather. It makes a difference to us.

The teaching philosophy at Castle School

Learn English faster

Students learn English faster when they are motivated. This has always been the fundamental principle behind Castle School’s teaching philosophy. We believe that enhancing each student’s motivation is the key to a successful and enjoyable learning experience.

Students are motivated by a wide range of factors. There are many different types of motivation. For example, most students are motivated to learn English because it will improve their employment prospects. Many people also want to learn English so that they can communicate and socialise more easily when they travel. These are examples of why students book an English course in the first place. However, what about motivation in the classroom, during a lesson?

Using video in English Language lessons

Video is a great tool to use in English language lessons. It can really get learners engaged in a topic, and is also a fantastic way to generate interesting and communicative group activities. It can be great for speaking, listening and even writing practice if used imaginatively. Even examination preparation classes such as IELTS, FCE, and CAE could benefit from occasional short video clip activities.

There are so many ways to use video in the classroom, and below are a few ideas.

Do you need a "perfect" English Accent?

Perfect English in England

Students who want to learn English in England often want a "perfect" English accent. They don't want an accent from their first language. They believe their English learning journey will not be finished until they sound like a native speaker.

It is understandable that a lot of people have this attitude, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to perfect a skill. As a matter of fact, I am impressed when I meet someone whose English is at such a high level that I mistook them for being English at the start of our conversation. I always reflect on what an incredible achievement this is.

Learning English reading skills: Common mistakes.

Reading improves your writing, listening and speaking skills

The best way to improve your reading skills is to practise. You can do this on your own, and it would probably be helpful to join an English language school. English Language schools understand that reading is a very important part of learning English more generally. Improving your reading skills will actually help you improve your writing, your listening and even your speaking skills. It will also help you learn new vocabulary and develop a better feel for how sentences are constructed and the different ways English can be used.

Study English in Brighton

International students study English in the progressive city of Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove has grown over the years and in the 21st Century is very popular. Around 275000 people live in Brighton, and with 2 universities the population is comparatively young and progressive. A large number of international students study English in Brighton and Hove. Castle School of English would like to point out that 69% of Brighton’s voters voted to remain in the European Union in the 2016 referendum.