How do I find a room in Brighton?

This information is part of a guide to support Brighton’s international community. We hope it is helpful.

When you arrive in Brighton it can take a bit of time before you can find a room and move into it. If you do not have good English language skills, you might need some help. Therefore, we are making some suggestions to help you find a room. This infromation is intended to help the international visitors to Brighton. Maybe you are visiting Brighton to work (If you want to work, you will need to give your employer an address). Perhaps you want to learn English on an English course at a language school. Perhaps you want to live in Brighton for a long time or settle in Brighton permanently. Hopefully this information can help you find a room in Brighton. 

Find a room before you arrive. Does your friend have a spare room?

Obviously, if you can organise your accommodation before you arrive, it will be a less stressful experience. The problem is, you would need a friend to find a room and confirm it is ok before you pay any money (more about that later). If possible, contact a friend or someone you know in Brighton. Ask them to help you find a room. They may even have a spare room in their house or know someone with a spare room. There could be a room you can share for a few weeks.

Temporary accommodation

Alternatively, there are some other possibilities. You could arrive in Brighton and stay in a hostel until you find a room. This way you can visit rooms and “view” them until you choose one and move in. There are many good hostels in Brighton and Hove, from quite cheap to quite expensive.

Here are some links to three of them:

Guest houses

Perhaps a hostel is not for you. There are also many reasonably priced “Bed and Breakfast” and “Guest House” accommodation providers in Brighton and Hove. These are more expensive than a hostel, but a lot more private, comfortable and quiet.

Here is a link to one of them:

Get accommodation with an English Language School

There is another option if you want to join and English language school to study English. You might want to book accommodation with a language school in Brighton or Hove. This usually means you would stay with a family who speak English. This could be a short term arrangement for 2 or 3 weeks to help you when you first arrive, or a longer stay. You could stay there and look for a room in Brighton. In a “homestay,” you will feel safe and secure and will have some meals with the family. You can improve your English. It is not the cheapest option but it is safe and comfortable. Furthermore, it is a good idea if you are planning to learn English and are feeling nervous about arriving in Brighton.

Where to look for a more permanent room in Brighton
Be careful

There are lots of places to look for available rooms. Before I help you with some ideas about how to find a room I want to warn you about some things:

Never pay for a room until you have seen it. Some people advertise rooms online that look fantastic, but in reality they are not so nice. Therefore, if the room looks great and is very cheap, and they are asking for a “Holding Deposit”, it is probably a scam.

Never pay a “Holding Deposit”. Some people advertise rooms that you would be desperate to get, and you can reserve it now with a holding deposit. One small problem – the room does not exist and they just take your money and disappear. It happens.

Also, just to prepare you, don’t be surprised if you decide you want a room and somebody else gets it first. Brighton is a fantastic city and a lot of people want to live here. Available rooms can be taken quite quickly because lots of people want to find a room.

Find a room in Brighton on a website

Ok now you are aware of the type of problems to look out for, it’s time to be positive! Here are some websites that might be useful:

Use social media

Of course, Facebook is also a good place to look too. Here are some pages that could help you rent a room in Brighton:

This page finds you accommodation and charges a small fee:

This group has more general information and some posts advertising rooms:

This group is mostly for French people in Brighton:

These groups are mostly for Spanish people in Brighton:

This is a group mostly for Italians in Brighton:

This group is mostly for Brazilians in Brighton:

Meet people at a social event in Brighton

If you are still looking for a house or room, another possible option might be to attend one of the many social events that are organised for Brighton’s international community to meet new friends and practise English. Maybe someone there would have helpful information about finding a room in Brighton or Hove. Perhaps they have a friend with a spare room. These events are good fun and a great opportunity to practise your English.

This is a good one. It is free:

Estate agents

Of course, estate agents are another way to get a room in Brighton. There are lots of estate agents along every high street in Brighton. You can check for properties on their websites. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of estate agents. They can be quite expensive and are not always helpful (I’m sure there are exceptions). However, if there is a group of you hoping to share a house, it could be a good idea to see what is available. Also, using an estate agent should give you a slightly more secure tenancy with proper contracts etc.

Free legal advice

Whichever way you approach finding a room in Brighton, you might discover that the landlord, estate agent or even your friend is being unreasonable. This is unlucky. If you need free legal advice, the first place to visit is the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

Good luck!

Hopefully, this information is useful. Sometimes looking for a room can be a bit tiring and frustrating. Eventually you will find a room. Are you new to Brighton? If possible, ask a friend who is already here for help. Good luck everyone. Brighton is a fantastic choice!


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