Enhance your CV with an Internship at Castle School

Are you thinking about an internship where you can practise English and gain valuable work experience? At Castle School we really appreciate and look after our interns as we know it can be a daunting experience. So we thought we'd give any possible new interns a bit of an insight into what Castle School can offer....

Internships within language schools are a great way of getting workplace experience, creating new skills and improving your English. As language schools are an international community, you will be surrounded by people from all over the world which is a fantastic way to network, make new friends or to simply practise your communication skills.

In our office there is never a dull moment! Interns working with us carry out a multitude of different tasks in all departments such as administration, marketing and accommodation so you get a complete view of how a language school operates. You will develop and utilise communication, IT, administrative and interpersonal skills which are all key elements to working in an office environment.

In return for your hard work you will get discounted rates on English lessons with our school, invited to social events, a wealth of work experience and a gift at the end to say thank you!

To find out more about an internship with Castle School, email us at info@castle-school.co.uk for more information

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