The English learning cycle at Castle School

How exactly does Castle School help you with your English learning?

Together we identify the right English course for you at Castle School and establish your language requirements.

  • We will establish your level of English and show you how to progress
  • We will correct, secure and develop what you have already learnt
  • We will advance your overall level
  • We will make your passive knowledge active
  • We will build your confidence in your English use
During your Course
1. We will establish your level of English and show you how to progress.

We will give you a placement test to assess accurately your English language ability. By knowing this we can place you in the right English class with other students of the same level. In class you will improve your English language step by step and your teachers will monitor your progress and show you what you need to do in order to improve more.

2. We will correct, secure and develop what you already know.

When you arrive, you will bring with you the English you already know. We will check this knowledge and consolidate it, making sure that you don't have any gaps in your knowledge. We will ensure that you do not repeat common mistakes.

3. We will advance your overall level.

Our dedicated teachers will teach you the new language skills you need. Your course will give you the grammar, vocabulary and the language skills you need to improve your level or to move from one level to the next according to the length of your stay.

4. We will make your passive knowledge active.

Some of your English knowledge will be slow to access. It may be accessible enough for your Reading and Writing English skills but not fast enough for Speaking and Listening. An important part of all Castle School courses is making this passive knowledge active. Therefore, your Speaking and Listening skills are greatly improved and you have much more language that is immediately accessible. We maximise your ability to use all the English you know and are learning.

5. We will build your confidence in your English usage.

Using a language is a skill and like any skill the more confidence you have the better you are. We will give you lots of opportunities to practise all four language skills (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing). At Castle School you will be continually interacting with other English speakers to improve any language weakness you may have. We work hard on your English and like other Castle School students before you, you will leave feeling confident, energised and in the best position to learn English. You will also have the opportunity to meet people from other cultures from around the world.

6. Tutorials

Every four weeks you can have a private tutorial with your teacher. This is a time for you and your teacher to reflect on your progress. You can talk about how you feel about your lessons, and to focus on your individual learning needs. This is a powerful feature of the English courses at Castle School. 


Our Open-Door Policy

Furthermore, the Castle School Director of Studies has an 'open-door' policy - students are welcome to discuss any aspect of their course at any time. We are always interested to hear from you because we are committed to meeting your needs and also because your feedback is very important to us. We have become an excellent English language school in Brighton by carefully listening to the needs of our learners.

Images: English classes

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