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UK - Applying for a Visa

For updated information, please refer to the Official United Kingdom Visas website. The site shows whether you need a visa for the UK and how to apply for one if you do.


Do I need a visa to learn English in the UK?

You need a visa if you are not a European Economic Area (EEA) national.


Less than 6 months: Student Visitor Visa

6-11 months: Extended Student Visitor Visa


Student Visitor Visa (SVV):

•This visa is for non-European Economic Area (EEA) nationals taking English courses less than 6 months long.

•This is the only visa available for beginner level English students.

•To get a SVV you will need to have a visa support letter from us and show that you have enough money to pay your course and live on. Castle School will not send you a visa support letter until you have paid in full.

•This visa cannot be extended from within the UK. You must apply for a new visa from your home country.

•You cannot work in the UK with this visa.


Extended Student Visitor Visa (ESVV)

New ESVV makes life easier for international students

The ESVV will only be available to students who want to study an English language course for between six and eleven months. The visa will be valid for 11 months. Students enrolling on other courses or English Plus courses will not qualify for the ESVV. Students will need to show that their course is longer than 6 months. 

The new rules do not affect EU and EEA students.

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What should you do?

In order to qualify for a visa, you should enrol on a full-time course of a minimum of 15 hours tuition per week.

You will need to take the relevant documents together with passport photographs, application fees and your passport to your local embassy in order to apply for a visa to the UK.

Students should check with the Embassy or British Council in their own country as requirements vary considerably from country to country.

Refusal of visas

If the visa is not granted, you should send proof of refusal at least 1 week prior to arrival. Castle School will then refund the total cost of the course and accommodation. Castle School does not refund the Administration Fee of £100.



Our Location

Our Location

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Accommodation in Brighton

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