Health & Safety

Welfare Information


In the case of emergency, dial 999 and ask for Police, Fire or Ambulance. This service is FREE.

The school evacuation procedures in the event of fire are clearly displayed on the school notice board. If the fire alarm rings, you should leave the building by the nearest available exit. The assembly point is at the entrance to the park adjacent to the school premises (41 Dyke Road). At 12 Dyke Road the assembly point is at the entrance to the graveyard (St Nicholas Church).

Accidents & Health Problems

For accidents on site, Devrim Guven, and Marta Betlej are qualified First Aiders. In the event of an accident, you should inform Reception who will record it in the School Accident Logbook. First aid facilities are available at Reception.

If you have an accident and need an ambulance, dial 999. If you do not need an ambulance, you can go to the Accident and Emergency Department at Royal Sussex County Hospital. This is on Eastern Road in Kemptown. (Tel: 696955).

If it is not an emergency, go to a GP (General Practitioner). This is the name of a general, family doctor. If you are from the EU or from a country which has a reciprocal agreement for health care with the UK, you will not need to pay. The GP’s receptionist will give you more information about this. If you have to pay, it will cost about £20 to see a doctor.

You should go to a practice and register with a doctor which is in the area where you are living, so if you are with a host family, ask the family for a doctor’s surgery nearby

If you need to go to the dentist, please ask Reception to advise you of the nearest one. It will cost from £48 for an emergency appointment.

The Welfare Officer at Castle School will be able to help you to arrange appointments with doctors or dentists as necessary. If you are not a resident of the EU, or a country with a reciprocal health arrangement with the UK, you may have to pay for treatment in Britain.

There are three late night chemists open every night


Ashtons: 98 Dyke Road, Brighton. BN1 3JD Telephone 01273 325020

Open until 10pm every day


Boots The Chemist: North Street, Brighton. Telephone 01273 207461

Open until Midnight (Monday-Saturday)


Westons Chemist: 6-7 Coombe Terrace, Lewes Road. Brighton BN2 4AD Telephone 01273 605354

Open until 10pm every day


Dangers and Annoyances

The UK is a relatively safe country, and Brighton is a relatively safe town. However, individuals and under 18’s are advised not to walk alone at night. We always advise you to walk in groups and never walk or cycle at night – take a taxi. Taxis in Brighton run throughout the night and are relatively cheap. Normal route buses run until about 11 pm, and there are a limited number of night buses to some areas.

Always know where you are going before you leave and stay on streets with good lights at night.

In the UK vehicles drive on the left. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN CROSSING THE ROAD. Look right, left, then right again. Use pedestrian crossings whenever possible and don’t cross between parked cars. Theft is commonplace in busy places, as in any country, especially in tourist areas. Keep your money in a safe place and leave your passport at home. Hold your bag away from the road, and keep your purse or wallet out of sight, never in an open bag. Do not leave your bag unattended in shops, on the beach, etc. Keep your keys in a separate place to anything which may show your address.

At the beach, try to stay in groups. Do not swim if there is a red flag. Also, be careful in the sun. Protect your head with a hat or cap, and use high factor sun protection.

Our Location

Our Location

We are situated a stone's throw from the main Brighton Shopping Centre of Churchill Square and a mere 10 minutes walk from the train station.

Accommodation in Brighton

Accommodation in Brighton

With both Home Stay and Self Catering accommodation on offer, you can find the right accommodation suitable for you. The average commuting time from nearby accommodation to school is just 15-30 mintues.

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