Cambridge First Certificate

Course name:

Course length:

Hours per week:







CEF Levels:




Cambridge Examination Course

2-24+ weeks

15 Hours/20 Lessons *





18.15:20.45 (5 hours per week)


B2 - C1

Upper-intermediate to Advanced


 * At certain times of the year we also run a part time course with options of 6, 9 or 15 hrs



 4 lessons per day





All lessons are 45 minutes



The minimum age of students wishing to attend this course will be 16 years of age.







If you want to gain entrance into an English speaking university, have a competitive edge when applying for a job, enhance your career or move to a different country, you need an internationally recognised qualification. Certification will prove you have the necessary standard of English skills required by employers and universities.

Cambridge Exam courses provide complete and careful preparation for all aspects of the examinations and include:

Key facts

  • placement test to ensure a class at the right level
  • regular progress checks
  • regular homework
  • multi-national classes
  • a course book when you arrive (minimum 2 week course)
  • end of course certificate


N.B. Exam fees are not included in course fees.  £125 (approx) per candidate. Normally the exams can be taken in Brighton in March, June, August and December.

English Skill FCE You will learn to:
Reading Extract information from and understand a variety of texts including letters, works of fiction, newspaper articles, advertisements and brochures. Focus on multiple matching of headings to paragraphs, gapped texts and multiple matching for the FCE exam.
Writing Write emails, reports, transactional letters, articles, and discursive, descriptive and narrative compositions. Be aware of register and the effect this has on the target reader.
Listening Understand a variety of listening texts, including lectures, phone messages, news, interviews, conversation, extracts from plays and stories with native and non-native accents.
Speaking Make contributions to discussions on a variety of topics. Develop skills, techniques and tactics that will prepare you for the FCE exam.
Grammar Review and practise all aspects of previously-learned grammar including hypothetical meanings.
Vocabulary Topics Use vocabulary connected with Friends & family, Jobs & work, Sport & leisure, Nature & animals, a good story, Transport & travel, Technology, Crime & Social responsibility, You are what you eat, is it real?, Shopping & money, Forces of nature.
Other EXAM FOCUS – practice on all aspects of FCE exam.

Student Services

Student Services

Here at Castle School, staff can offer students help on: Welfare & Counselling, Passports & Visas, Insurance & Personal Security, Health & Safety, University Placement Advice and Airport Transfer.

Our Location

Our Location

We are situated a stone's throw from the main Brighton Shopping Centre of Churchill Square and a mere 10 minutes walk from the train station.

Accommodation in Brighton

Accommodation in Brighton

With both Home Stay and Self Catering accommodation on offer, you can find the right accommodation suitable for you. The average commuting time from nearby accommodation to school is just 15-30 mintues.

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