Hotels, Guest Houses & 'Bed and breakfasts'

We can offer a selection of hotels, guest houses or bed and breakfasts for predominantly short stay visits. These options provide more of a holiday atmosphere and many are located in the city centre making sightseeing and cultural visits easier.

Accommodation ratings

Many establishments are rated according to the standard of service, range of facilities and comfort level offered. These ratings are usually awarded by either Quality in Tourism, Automobile Association (AA) or Royal Automobile Club (RAC), whose assessors visit each establishment that they rate.

Stars usually rate hotels and self catering establishments. The minimum rating is one and the maximum rating is five.

Some hotels choose not to participate in the rating system, so the absence of a rating does not indicate poor quality of amenities or service.

N.b. Many Brighton hotels and B&Bs do not allow single night bookings during weekends.

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Student Services

Student Services

Here at Castle School, staff can offer students help on: Welfare & Counselling, Passports & Visas, Insurance & Personal Security, Health & Safety, University Placement Advice and Airport Transfer.

Our Location

Our Location

We are situated a stone's throw from the main Brighton Shopping Centre of Churchill Square and a mere 10 minutes walk from the train station.

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