Castle School of English is committed to website accessibility. What are we doing to be accessible to our visitors?

  • Meaningful links titles and page URLs are created throughout the site. These are used to aid readability, especially for visually impaired people using screen readers to access the site.
  • Cascading Style Sheets or 'CSS' are used throughout the site to layout all content which aid accessibility by screenreaders.
  • All images related to the content on the site are supported by alternative text or 'alt text' which can be accessed by screenreaders.
  • Using clear descriptions and calls to action on hyperlinks.
  • No use of frames, which are difficult for special browsers to display.
  • Limited use of JavaScript, which doesn't work with some browsers and screen readers.
  • Using an easier-to-read non-serif font type set against a white background in important areas of the site with no obtrusive background images.
  • No pop-ups or obtrusive advertising.

Accessibility Tools

If you want to alter the way you view our website you can do so using settings in your internet browser.

Internet Explorer

To change font styles, font sizes and colours specified on the website:

  • On the browser 'Tools' menu select 'Internet Options'.
  • On the 'General tab', select 'Accessibility'

To increase font size or to zoom:

  • In the browser 'Page' menu select 'Options' (or simply press 'cntrl –' or 'cntrl +' on your keyboard)
  • In Internet Explorer 8 you can simply use the 'Change Zoom Level' tool in the bottom right of your browser window
  • More changes can be made by selecting 'Internet Options' in the browser 'Tools' menu.


To change font styles, font sizes and colours specified on the website:

  • Select the 'Content' tab on the browser 'Tools' menu and select options for fonts and colours

To change the Font Size, Page Style or Character encoding:

  • Select the corresponding options in the browser 'View' menu (or simply press 'cntrl -' or 'cntrl +' on your keyboard to de crease and increase the font)

Apple Safari

Go to Safari > Preferences > Appearance options in the browser menu.


Go to File > Preferences > Fonts > Minimum font size (pixels)

Alternatively, scroll with the wheel of your mouse whilst holding down the control key.


All images have descriptive alternative text (also known as alt text), with the exception of images that are used for aesthetic reasons only.

Site map

To make it easier to find what you are looking for, the site map displays a list of all the links available on the Castle School of English website.

Downloading media files and documents

Accessing PDF files

To read PDF documents you need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader you can download it for free from

Downloading documents

To read a downloadable document in your web browser simply click the link to the document.

To save a downloadable document right-click on the download (PC) or shift+click (Mac) and select the 'Save link' or 'Save target' option.


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Student Services

Student Services

Here at Castle School, staff can offer students help on: Welfare & Counselling, Passports & Visas, Insurance & Personal Security, Health & Safety, University Placement Advice and Airport Transfer.

Our Location

Our Location

We are situated a stone's throw from the main Brighton Shopping Centre of Churchill Square and a mere 10 minutes walk from the train station.

Accommodation in Brighton

Accommodation in Brighton

With both Home Stay and Self Catering accommodation on offer, you can find the right accommodation suitable for you. The average commuting time from nearby accommodation to school is just 15-30 mintues.

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