Is Castle School in the centre of Brighton?

Yes, Castle School is located near the seafront in the centre of Brighton, within easy walking distance of all the sights and high street shops.

How do I get to Castle School in Brighton?

The quickest way is to book a flight to London Gatwick airport. From there, or any other UK airport, you can travel by bus or by train to Brighton. See our pre-arrival information, which will be sent to you after enrolment.

Is Castle School close to public transport?

Castle School is situated 10 minutes on foot from the train station. All Brighton buses stop at the central bus stop, which is about 1 minute away on foot.

How much does public transport cost in Brighton?

The cost of a single journey anywhere within Brighton is £2.30 and an all day ticket costs £4.60. The price for a weekly ticket is £22.00. Please note these prices are beyond our control and may have changed since this page was last updated.

Will the school help me open a bank account in England?

Where possible the school will advise you on the best way to open a bank account and provide you with a school letter. See our Student Services.

What leisure activities are on offer?

Castle School regularly organizes leisure activities such as sports events, cultural events, parties and many more. The school will inform you about the current programme and when it is running. Please note that the leisure program does not run all year round. If you want to take the opportunity to discover neighbouring countries, please check the respective applicable visa conditions. You can also purchase an International Student Card ISIC. This card offers many attractive discounts for travel, accommodation, museums, entertainment, books etc.

Is it possible to use E-mail or Internet?

We have free internet access for all students.


How can I book at Castle School?

You should complete a booking form through the web-site, or print the form and send it to the school either by post or fax. When booking, you must fill in the booking form and click "Book Now". Then you need to send us the full payment by bank transfer. When we receive your booking form and the payment, we will send you confirmation.

Do I need a visa?

Visa information changes frequently and differs according to your nationality.

What do I have to do to receive an acceptance letter?

You have to send your booking form and deposit as detailed above. If you require an acceptance letter to accompany a visa application, you will need to pay the full fees in advance. 

When should the balance of fees be paid?

When you receive the acceptance letter, along with an invoice showing the balance of outstanding fees, to be paid at least 3 weeks before arrival. See our Terms and Conditions.

How much is the registration (booking) fee?

Booking online is subject to a registration (booking) fee of £60 which is payable on top of any course fees.

How can I pay?

You can pay by direct transfer to our bank account, as follows:

Bank transfer to Natwest, Brighton Town Centre, Churchill Square Branch, Unit 40, 56 Churchill Square, Brighton BN1 2ES.

Account name: Castle School Limited. Account number: 15650049

Branch sort code: 01-01-23. Swift code: NWBKG2L

IBAN: GB85NWBK01012315650049

If I cancel the course or leave early, am I eligible for a refund?

Please see the cancellation and withdrawal sections of our Terms and Conditions.


When can I start my English course?

You can start your course on any Monday (Full time or Part time courses) or Tuesday (Part time courses) See Prices & Dates for more details.

What is the average age of students?

Approximately 20-25.

Is there a minimum age for courses?

Students have to have a minimum age of 16 to participate in the main school courses. However, in summer we do offer group courses specifically for younger students. Please email for details. For minors we will require the consent of a parent or guardian.

What are the main nationalities of the students at Castle school?

We have a good mix of different nationalities and cultures at Castle School. The main nationalities being Spanish, Turkish, Italian and French. 

How long do I need to study for?

That depends entirely on your aims.

On average, we estimate that approximately 12 weeks of intensive 30 hours per week study will raise your English by one level.

Maybe you cannot spare 12 whole weeks, though. Remember even a short course will boost your vocabulary, fluency and confidence.

How can I find out what my level is?

Every student must take an initial placement test on the first day of the course. Based on your performance in these tests, you will be placed into a group with students of a similar level.

See our English level page for a full explanation of English levels at Castle School, and equivalent IELTS, TOEIC AND TOEFL. Test your level.

How can I move up to the next level?

All students wishing to change level are required to complete a Change of Level Request Form A decision will then be made by the Director of Studies or Assistant Director of Studies.

How will I learn?

The lessons focus on developing your ability to communicate in a foreign language: to extend your vocabulary and to improve your pronunciation, grammatical knowledge and accuracy of expression. You will have ample opportunity to practise all aspects of your language: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

How large are the classes?

Castle School classes have a maximum of 18 students (summer only) although this is rare and the average is normally less than 10. 

What timetable will I have?

You will receive an accurate timetable for your course on the first day. These pages show some examples of the course overview and what you will learn.

Can I change my hours?

Any changes to your course or hours must be approved by the Administration Team, who can be found in the School Reception.

Are all the teachers native speakers?

All our teachers have native speaker competence.

Will I need to buy a course book?

You will receive your first course book free when you register at the school. Any additional course books will need to be paid for by you. (Average cost is between £20 - £30)

What do I need to bring to class?

You will need to bring a notebook and pen for recording vocabulary, grammar etc and your course book.

Will I stay in the same class for my whole stay at Castle School?

That depends on your length of stay, and the progress you make. Students who make good progress will, in consultation with their teacher, be moved to a higher level.

Can I also extend my course once I am already there?

Generally, we recommend booking the desired course prior to the start of the course to ensure availability. course fees are also cheaper per week for longer courses than for shorter courses.

It is, however, at all times possible to extend a course or to select a more intensive type of course (subject to availability). Contact the responsible person at school as soon as you have made a decision so that they can inform you about fees and availability.

Do I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

You will receive a certificate confirming your oral and written language ability. You will be graded in accordance with the International Framework for European Languages, which is understood by employers throughout the World.

How can I prepare for an examination like Cambridge First Certificate or the IELTS?

Castle School offers several options for preparing for examinations. Detailed information will be provided by the school.

I would like to study at a university in the UK. How do I prepare for this?

Select a course that prepares you for the IELTS. Such courses will teach, for instance, how to absorb a lot of reading material or follow lectures without problems. As a free additional service, Castle School staff can offer you professional advice and assistance with gaining entry to a university or college in England.


What kind of accommodation is best for me?

Homestay accommodation involves sharing a home with a local household and living with them as their guest. The household could be a family with children, a young couple, a retired couple or a single person.

Half Board

Breakfast and evening meal are provided by the family and this type of accommodation gives you the opportunity to experience life in a real English home, and to communicate with English people every day.


You can also choose our self-catering homestay option, in which you buy and cook your own food.

As families do not often live in the city centre, most of the accommodation is situated outside the centre, so it is necessary to travel to school by bus. You will share the bathroom with the other members of the family.

How do I get to my accommodation upon arrival by plane or train?

You will receive instructions of how best to get to your accommodation with your pre-arrival information. The safest and easiest way is to book a Taxi Transfer directly to your accommodation. Transfer prices.

Are host families / homestays located close to the school?

The average commuting time to school will be 15 – 30 minutes.

Where can I wash my clothes?

If you live with a host family / homestay you can, in most cases, use their laundry facilities. Where this is not possible, you can use a launderette.

What can I do if I do not like my accommodation?

First approach the host family / host or the person in charge of accommodation at the school, who will be able to find a suitable solution. Hosts have been carefully selected and are regularly assessed on the basis of uniform quality criteria. Communication problems can, however, not be excluded in all cases.

How do I find the school on the first day?

You will receive instructions of how to get to the school with your pre arival information. If you are staying with a host family / home stay provider, they will show you the quickest way to school.

Student Services

Student Services

Here at Castle School, staff can offer students help on: Welfare & Counselling, Passports & Visas, Insurance & Personal Security, Health & Safety, University Placement Advice and Airport Transfer.

Our Location

Our Location

We are situated a stone's throw from the main Brighton Shopping Centre of Churchill Square and a mere 10 minutes walk from the train station.

Accommodation in Brighton

Accommodation in Brighton

With both Home Stay and Self Catering accommodation on offer, you can find the right accommodation suitable for you. The average commuting time from nearby accommodation to school is just 15-30 mintues.

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